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Quality time for you

The Domizil Ausseerland stands for slowing down. Our life is characterized by speed. We long for rest. Slowness. Timeless moments. Welcome to Altaussee.

Crystal clear lakes, lofty mountains, tangible tradition. It is no coincidence that aristocrats, poets and thinkers, artists and intellectuals, actors and musicians have chosen the Ausseeland as their favorite retreat. One encounters their traces at every turn. We would like to give you a few tips for your quality time in the Ausseerland.

  • You find numerous strong natural sites of power around lake Altaussee. Writers such as Torberg, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Arthur Schnitzler and many others were inspired to create masterpieces here. That is why lake Altaussee is nicknamed "Styrian Ink Bottle". From the Domzil you reach the lake within a ten minutes walk.
  • Eldorado for book fans: boat & book just a few minutes' walk from the Domizil.
  • Altaussee's local mountain - the Loser - is an impressive sight in summer and winter. Maybe you enjoy a walk to the Blaa-Alm. In spring the wild narcissi adorn the flower meadows around there.
  • The easy circular hike to the Pflindsberg castle ruins offers impressive panoramic views over mountains and the lake. The hike to the Tressenstein lookout tower is a bit more demanding but particularly promising.
  • Discovering the white gold: - immerse yourself in the past, the impressively mystical visit to the salt mines in Altaussee or Hallstatt.

Sometimes all you need is a little adventure to get your world moving again. A break from everyday life that opens your heart and changes your view of life. Don't wait too long, just take every opportunity that presents itself.

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